Important information about the Working With Children Check renewal


Posted: Wed, 21st Mar 2018

Read the latest on how to renew your Working With Children Check before it expires!

Important information about the Working With Children Check renewal

The Working With Children Check has been operating in NSW for nearly five years and some Working With Children (WWC) numbers will start to expire from 15 June 2018.

Individuals with a WWC number that is about to expire will be able to submit a renewal application online within three months of their expiry date. A reminder email will be sent from the Office of the Children’s Guardian to applicants three months before their WWC number expires.

They do not apply for a new Working With Children Check but simply renew, and their WWC number will be valid for another 5 years. Information on how to do this is in the reminder email.

If the Office of the Children’s Guardian doesn’t hold a person’s current email address, we won’t be able to email them. Your workers should keep their contact details up to date so they can be alerted about their WWC renewals by going to


What does this mean for me?

We recommend employers review their own records for upcoming WWC expiry dates or ask their workers if they have renewed their WWC numbers.

When the WWC number has been renewed it needs to be re-verified by the person’s employer or organisation.

When an employer verifies they will receive a confirmation email. These emails help employers maintain workplace records for compliance.

A person cannot continue to work or volunteer in a child-related role if they do not renew their WWC number and have it verified by the employer.

It is an offence to work with children in NSW without a valid WWC clearance number or current application by the worker to the Office of the Children's Guardian for a clearance.

For more information and downloadable resources about the Working With Children Check renewal go to

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