Warning: Scammers targeting Clubs


Posted: Thu, 31st May 2018

A recent scammer has posed as the Pony Club Association of NSW requesting money from a Club - PLEASE be aware of suspicious emails, always check with the Association to validate information and always have two people sign off on payments.

Please be careful of emails asking for payments to be made to the Pony Club Association NSW or anywhere as there are scams going around at the moment. The scammers are using information obtained from pony club websites for club committee members (including club/zones own websites) and using false email addresses and calendar information to request that accounts be paid. Please do not pay an account from an unknown email address and confirm either in person or via phone that the requests for payment are valid.

In the event that you do not recognise the bank account details or the email says the bank account has been changed always ring the recipient on the previous contact details that you have (not the information on the email) to confirm the change of account in case the scammers have logged onto the website server and are intercepting emails.

Please circulate this to your clubs and remind them that it is best practice to have two people sign off (even for EFT payments) on all payments to be made.

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