PCA Handbook (Blue Book)

Below you can download the Pony Club Association handbook in PDF format. We have broken it down into sections for your convenience. Published sections have all by-laws included so please check the section before checking any amendments.


All complaints received at State Level must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a non-refundable fee as below:

Application for Independent Investigation at State Level - $500.00
Appeal against a decision made at Club and/or Zone level - $500.00

Please view the Member Protection Policy here:

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Helmet standards 2017


Amendments July 2018

All Handbook sections have been updated with current amendments as of the July 2018 meetings

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 381.9 KB UPLOADED: Aug 20th, 2018

Section 01: Index

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 135.59 KB UPLOADED: Jun 5th, 2018

Section 02: Constitution for State, Club and Zone

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 337.51 KB UPLOADED: May 15th, 2017

Guidelines for Clubs for Applications and Renewals

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 39.61 KB UPLOADED: May 15th, 2017

Section 03: General Rules By Laws

As of March 2017 Meetings - This section includes; Memberships, Risk Warning Forms, Keith Lowe Associate Award, Proficiency Certificates.

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 239.35 KB UPLOADED: Sep 14th, 2017

Section 04: State, Interstate General Competition Rules

This section includes; Leasing, Protests and Disputes.

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 167.03 KB UPLOADED: Sep 14th, 2017

Section 05: State Championship Hosting Information

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 126.98 KB UPLOADED: May 15th, 2017

Section 06a: RAS and Agricultural Show Competition Rules

This section includes Area Teams

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 105.99 KB UPLOADED: May 16th, 2017

Section 6b: RAS Team Sporting Rules

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 286.7 KB UPLOADED: Dec 14th, 2017

Section 6c: Team Sporting Championships Rules

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 228.77 KB UPLOADED: Dec 14th, 2017

Section 07: Gear, Uniform Regulations

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 162.91 KB UPLOADED: Aug 15th, 2018

Section 08: Eventing Rules

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 390.46 KB UPLOADED: May 21st, 2018

Section 09: Showjumping Rules

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 394.32 KB UPLOADED: Aug 22nd, 2017

Section 10: Dressage Rules

As of the March 2017 Meetings

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 411.09 KB UPLOADED: Dec 8th, 2016

Section 11: Sporting, Campdraft & Team Penning Rules

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 1.09 MB UPLOADED: May 17th, 2018

Section 12: Mounted Games Rules

As of March 2016 meetings

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 285.23 KB UPLOADED: May 20th, 2016

Section 13: Polocrosse, vaulting, tetrathalon, western riding Tentpegging

As of March 2017 meetings.

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 1.02 MB UPLOADED: Oct 9th, 2014

Section 14: Distance rides and general administration information

This section includes; Notes for Club and Zone Secretaries, Forming a New Club, Grants. As of November 2015 meetings.

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 539.01 KB UPLOADED: Jan 23rd, 2014

Section 15: Jumping Equitation Rules

As of March 2017 meetings.

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 166.34 KB UPLOADED: Oct 9th, 2014

Section 16: Showriding Rules

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 287.21 KB UPLOADED: Oct 22nd, 2018

Bit dictionary

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 1.63 MB UPLOADED: Dec 6th, 2016

Australian Jumping Equitation Manual

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 441.71 KB UPLOADED: Aug 24th, 2017