National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS)

Pony Club NSW has embraced the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). Coaches who are accredited through the NCAS are recognized by national and state sporting organizations and the SportAus. The NCAS Pony Club system has been identified as able to provide flexible delivery, national recognition, standardised instruction, assessment and qualifications and is in line with coaching practices of over 70 other sports. Coaches will benefit through updating their knowledge regularly and it will bring all states/territories in line.

The Pony Club Association currently has two courses accredited under the NCAS which are sequential in nature.

Both the Preliminary and Level 1 workbooks can be purchased from the Pony Club NSW Online Store here More information on the NCAS program, including coaches update sheets are available to download below.

Visit the Ausport website for NCAS Beginning Coaching General Principles.

NCAS Pony Club Mentors

Download the Mentors List below to access Pony Club NSW registered mentors. Mentors are responsible for signing the candidates Log to verify the skills and knowledge of the appropriate subject prior to assessment. The final outcome for the candidate will depend heavily on the mentor and so ZCI's have carefully chosen their mentors for this scheme.

Other Certificates

Introductory Instructors Certificate

These aim to provide a certificate at the introductory level for interested persons to become Pony Club Instructors and to provide basic instruction in riding and horsemanship and to understand the safety aspects of managing a group of riders at all levels of competence. Introductary Instructors Certificates are valid for a period of four years and must be renewed by attending a State run renewal school in line with Old System Instructors Certificates. Further information including certificate renewals are available to download below.

Instructors Certificate Renewal

These are available after the expiry of a four year term. The applicant is required to have attended a minimum of TWO full days of Instructors Schools during the preceding four years, including appropriate first aid lectures conducted by qualified persons. Discipline specific schools are allowed for the renewal of Certificates provided that they are conducted by instructors approved by the Association (but not Regional Schools). Appointment of Club Examiners are as per the handbook via your Zone Chief Instructor. No new Instructors Certificates will be issued all those wishing to become new Club Instructors must complete NCAS Assessments as per the information above. Instructors Certificate Renewal forms are available to download below.

Gear Check Certificate

Designed for Pony Club Members eighteen years and over who have an interest in helping out at Rally Days, competitions, camps etc. as gear checkers. The candidate will be required to attend at least one State or Zone run Gear Checker’s course covering the aspects under “Practical Gear Check – Guidelines” outlined in the form below.

Gear Check Certificate Online

Over the COVID restriction period, the State Executive and Office have been working behind the scenes to bring you a more accessible way to gain your Gear Check Certificate. We have developed an online learning system using the Moodle platform which is used by many educational organisation such as universities and colleges.

This system will not replace the current system, however based on feedback received over the years we know that many of our members are looking for ways to gain their qualifications in a way that will fit in with their other obligations and believe the uptake on this will be very positive.

“Students” (any member wishing to start their Gear Check Certificate) will create a profile for themselves on the PCANSW Education platform. The link can be found here Please note that Hotmail email addresses are generally not recognised by Moodle - email if you need assistance in setting up your account. 

The student will progress through the theory section of the GCC, before attempting the Theory Examination. This tests the same knowledge base as the current paper examination, however some questions have been worded differently to work with the online method of assessment. Students must get all answers correct to proceed. This can be attempted as many times as needed and is essentially an open book exam.

Once the student has successfully completed the theory component, they will be able to access the practical assessment. A form is available for them to download and either print, or fill in by writable PDF. They must then contact their ZCI or relevant assessor to organise a time for practical assessment. Once this has been completed, it is the students responsibility to upload the confirmation form that has been signed off by the assessor. An administrator in the office will check this has been signed off correctly before issuing the student with a Certificate.

This system will ease some of the administrative burden on the zones, make gaining qualification and expanding knowledge more accessible for members, and also provide the office and student with an online record of their certificate.

All candidates will still need to attend a zone run gear checkers course or State run Instructors course as usual. 


Gear Check Template Word

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Gear Check Template Writable

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NCAS Instructor Renewal Form

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NCAS Instructor Training Scheme Information

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More Information about NCAS Coaching Scheme

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Gear Check Certificate

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PCANSW Introductory Instructors Certificate

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Instructors certificate renewal

Available after the expiry of a four year term.

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