State & Interstate Events

State Championships

Combined State Championships are held annually for 11 disciplines, including; Dressage, Sporting, Campdrafting, Team Penning, Team Sporting, Jumping Equitation, Show Jumping, Mounted Games, Combined Training, One Day Event (ODE) and Show Riding. Competitors must be a required Championship standard to qualify to participate in these championships and supply copies of grading cards and/or other documentation as required. Competitors are between the ages of 7- to under 25. Entrants compete in their relevant age group.


Often referred to as the "gymnastics" of horse training, since it is designed to improve the suppleness and responsiveness of the horse and the skill of the rider. It is required as basic training for all equestrian events. Competitors must ride standard written tests from memory and are judged on their ability to perform in harmony with their horse. PCANSW uses Equestrian Australia Dressage tests and full details of which tests for the Dressage Championship will be provided on the event schedule.


Championships bring keen competition in Flag, Bending, and Barrel racing as well as other novelty events. 


This unique Australian sport is fostered within the Pony Club movement. Riders demonstrate their skills at cutting a beast out of a mob in an enclosure and then manoeuvre it around a set course. Points are allocated for cut out and work on the course.


A fast-paced event that gives a team of three riders 2 minutes to separate three specifically identified cattle from a herd of 30, and put them into a pen at the opposite end of the arena.


Riders are judged on their riding style and control of the horse whilst jumping.


Horse and rider are required to jump a course of fences according to their ability.


A team sport combining polo ad lacrosse. A team consists of six players, plus one reserve, divided into two sections of three who play 3-4 alternate quaters.


A great fun and skilful team activity for all riders. This event involves teams of four riders plus a reserve competing in fun games as a team. 


Consisting of three sections - dressage, showjumping and cross country jumping. It is designed to test the courage, determination and all round ability of the rider, as well as the training and conditioning of the horse.


An event where horse and rider demonstrate their skills on the flat. The horse is judged on confirmation, paces and manners, whilst riders are judges on their riding ability.


Current State and Interstate event schedules can be downloaded below. Entries details will be containe in the schedule. To support our State Championships, Sponsorship Opportunities can be viewed on our Partnerships & Advertising page Here.

RAS entries

Royal Canberra Show

Unfortunately the Royal Canberra Show Horse Section will not be hosting Pony Club events for the 2019 show due to reduced stabling facilities available at the venue. To date PCA NSW has not been advised of any changes to Pony Club events for the 2020 show.

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Pony Club Competitions - Tuesday 14 April 2020 - entries will be open on the 12th of November and will close to this office no later than 14th January 2020 - no late entries will be considered. Nomination details can be found in the downloads section below.

The RAS has once again given Pony Club members the opportunity to nominate for the Individual Riding Classes, Zone Teams of Four and Zone Pairs as well as Area Team Showjumping and Area Team Sporting at the Sydney Royal.

Riders must be financial members of pony club at the time of the competition, be of RAS standard and have completed three rally days. Please check with your club secretary for your membership number and update your contact details as renewals for 2020 will be available soon.

Numbers have been limited to 40 riders per class and will go through a selection process, if necessary, so please note that only riders who are of a suitable standard should nominate for this competition - this will ensure the continuance of these classes for Pony Club members. Riders will be evaluated and selected by Zone/Area Instructors.

The RAS have once again agreed to support the Pony Club team events:

Team Showjumping competition is an Area teams competition with a maximum of 6 teams to participate, one form each area. Teams are selected from Zones within each Area and consist of four riders and two reserves. Full details on this competition can be found in Section 6a of the Handbook here

Team Sporting they will be Area Teams with maximum of 6 teams to participate. Team Sporting competition rules may also be found on the PCA NSW website Section 6b here . Please note as per the Pony Club classes at the Sydney Royal the age for the Team Sporting riders is ages 12 & under 17 as at the first day of the show. All forms and entries must be submitted via the State Office as per Individual Rider Classes.

The Show will run from the 3rd to 14th April 2020 with Pony Club events on Tuesday 14th April 2020. Information and nominations forms are available in the downloads section below.

The RAS would also welcome nominations from Associate age members to act as Stewards and nomination forms are included in the download section.

Volunteers are also needed to Gear Check and Steward at this event would you please contact the office on with the times that you would be available to help.

Conditions of Entry:

Please see the download section below for the relevant Entry Forms which will be updated once available.

REMINDER: RAS Entry Forms, payment and all other relevant Pony Club forms must be submitted to the Pony Club State Office.  No late entries will be accepted.


Sydney Royal are seeking Expressions of Interest for Horse Stewards for the 2020 Royal, this is a fabulous opportunity for our Associates. Please complete the form in the downloads section below - please note that EOI forms are to be submitted to the RAS directly by the 1st September  2019 for their consideration.

If you are selected the RAS will contact you directly.

More Information from the RAS for the 2020 show

Stabling and Accommodation
Stabling and Loft allocations will be confirmed in March.

Forms will be available on the Exhibitor information page of our website from the beginning of March.

Access to Sydney Showground
As in previous years, entry tickets or correct accreditation is required to access Sydney Showground at all times.
Exhibitor Tickets will be mailed prior to your arrival on the Showground.

Exhibitor Information Guide
Please read the Exhibitor Information Guide carefully before arriving at the 2020 Sydney Royal Horse Show.

Host a State Championship

If your Zone is interested in hosting a State Combined Championship, download a copy of the application form below and send the completed forms to the state office at least 7 days prior to the meeting at which they are to be discussed.

Nominations should be received at least twelve months in advance with applications needing to be submitted by the meeting dates listed below:

July Meeting; twelve months in advance

Dates anD host details for State Championship Events

Riders wishing to attend State Championships must fulfil the criteria as listed in the Associations Handbook, be of a suitable standard (copies of grading cards or other documentation to be provided at nomination). Riders may also need to fulfil club and/or zone criteria depending on relevant bi-laws, please check with your club and zone before nominating. All horses attending State Championships must be microchipped.

2020 Dates

All State Events have been cancelled for 2020 due to Government Covid-19 recommendations regarding Community Sport. 

2021 DATES

State Camp - Sydney International Equestrian Centre

State Dressage Championship - Venue TBC

State Tetrathlon & Formal Gymkhana Championship - Venue TBC

State Sporting & Campdraft Championships - Venue TBC

State One Day Event Championship - Venue TBC

State Equitation Championship - Venue TBC

State Showjumping Championships - Venue TBC

State Mounted Games & Team Sporting Championships - Venue TBC

Pony Club Nationals (VIC)

State Showriding Championship - Venue TBC

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th October 2021

Judges & Course Designers List

At the bottom of this page you can download a list of accredited Judges and Course Designers that you may wish to contact for your upcoming event. If a judge is not a current financial member of PCANSW they need to be recorded as a Volunteer for the day, and also sign a disclaimer and a Volunteer Student declaration.

State Camp

State Camp

The Pony Club NSW State Camp brings together the top 75 riders in the disciplines of Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, Mounted Games, Formal Gymkhana and Tetrathlon. The camp is held in January every year from Sunday to Friday at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre (SIEC). Riders receive instruction from top Instructors and lectures from horse industry professionals.

Camp starts on Sunday where all riders meet and settle in. Instruction takes place from Monday to Thursday and riders depart on Friday morning. Evenings include lectures from well-known personalities in the horse world, veterinary surgeons and other fun activities. State Camp is not only about receiving the best instruction for you and your horse it is also about making great friendships which can last a lifetime. Your horse will be well looked after by experts who give 24-hour supervision, you will stay in comfortable twin share cabins onsite at SIEC, and receive all meals. Horses are stabled and instruction takes place at SIEC which has covered stables, an indoor arena, various outdoor arenas and a training cross country course. The Camp is open to Pony Club members who;

  1. Are financial members for the year of the State Camp with the Association through their Club before the 1st November in the year prior.
  2. Will be aged 15 to 24 inclusive on the first day; (Excluding Mounted Games – riders aged 14 or 15 years as at the 1st of January.)
  3. Have passed their "C" certificate;
  4. Are of State Championship standard in their chosen discipline;
  5. Will be mounted on a suitable horse to maximise benefit from top instructors;
  6. Are recommended by their Club and have satisfactory attendance at Pony Club instructional rally days (must have attended at least 3 rally days in the preceding 12 months, copy of attendance card to be included);
  7. Are recommended by their Zone Chief Instructor as a worthy Pony Club member of sufficient standard;
  8. Have their horse microchipped.

Applicants must apply on the official application form which will be available on this website each year. The application form asks questions about your performances in Pony Club and outside competition, certificates achieved, previous instructional schools attended, experience with other horses etc. It is very important that the application form is filled in carefully and correctly, as this information will be used to select participants. Applications close annually on the 1st November.

The selectors are also looking for Pony Club members who regularly attend their Club rallies, have performances at State Championships and also at Club and Zone level, have performed well in open competition and have been riding the particular horse for a substantial period of time. You must nominate on a particular horse and most details will pertain to that particular horse. Major requirements of State Camp applicants are enthusiasm, a desire to learn and improve and be willing to try your hardest.


Event Schedules

Entering State Events Online

Details on how to enter State Events Online through the My Pony Club system.

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 150.02 KB UPLOADED: Oct 28th, 2019

2021 State Camp Application Form for Dressage

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 388.33 KB UPLOADED: Aug 4th, 2020

2021 State Camp Application Form For Showjumping

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 385.7 KB UPLOADED: Aug 4th, 2020

2021 State Camp Application Form For Eventing

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 385.78 KB UPLOADED: Aug 4th, 2020

2021 State Camp Application Form For Formal Gymkhana

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 408.81 KB UPLOADED: Aug 4th, 2020

2021 State Camp Application Form For Mounted Games

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 385.71 KB UPLOADED: Aug 4th, 2020

2021 State Camp Application Form For Tetrathlon

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 389.37 KB UPLOADED: Aug 4th, 2020

Horse health statement

Horse Health Declaration

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 106.17 KB UPLOADED: Apr 19th, 2016

Horse ID for State Championship

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 134.96 KB UPLOADED: Aug 24th, 2020

Horse ID for Royal Shows

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 53.85 KB UPLOADED: Oct 30th, 2018

Hosting A State Championship

Championship Venue Nomination Form

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 433.6 KB UPLOADED: Mar 30th, 2017

Various Publications

Sydney Royal Expression of Interest Form - Horse Steward

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 308.22 KB UPLOADED: Jul 11th, 2018

Course Designers 2016

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 201.24 KB UPLOADED: Jan 14th, 2016

Current List of Accredited Judges 2018

FORMAT: pdf SIZE: 205.5 KB UPLOADED: Jan 8th, 2019

How to install and use the Pony Club NSW Team App

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