High Stakes of the Hendra Virus


Posted: Fri, 13th Mar 2015

An eye opening article written by Jamie Walker, published in The Australian Newspaper describes the struggles of Natalie Beohm - a young woman living with the severe effects of the Hendra Virus five years on.

""I still get pain all down my right side. I get night tremors. I can't hear out of my right ear," she explains, the weariness heavy in her voice. "I could keep going on about what this thing has done to me, but what's the point? I just have to live with it."

Beohm, 25, is one of only three known survivors of Hendra virus. Her friend and mentor, Ben Cunneen, a 33-year-old equine vet who was also struck down, died the day after she was released from hospital. Five horses were killed in that outbreak at a time when the disease, which can skip from animals to people, could not be treated. Cunneen was the third of Hendra's four known human victims since the virus was identified 19 years ago."

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High stakes of hendra

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The high cost of hendra

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