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Karen’s Column - Karma Vs Compassion - which gets your vote?

Posted: Mon, 29th Apr 2013

Autumn in Dubbo is glorious! Warm days, cool nights and trees ablaze with colour; what better way to celebrate the change of seasons than to be out amongst it – with pony camp. Three things I always love about PC camp are eyeing off the horses, watching the kids improve and having good conversations!

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Karen’s Column - A Courageous Easter Story

Posted: Tue, 19th Mar 2013

I’m not sure if courage is something that comes naturally to mind for many of us as we celebrate Easter; but a frightening experience I had years ago has given me a new appreciation for courage at Easter time.

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Karen’s Column - Tips for Buying Horses

Posted: Fri, 1st Feb 2013

Hi everyone. Well we are off and running in another year of P.C. With rallies and competitions underway now, I know many of us are still trying to source the next mount. So this month I’d put together the best tips I've found on buying horses.

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Karen’s Column - Here’s to Fresh Starts!

Posted: Wed, 2nd Jan 2013

A new year, a blank page, a clean slate, a green horse … there is something heartening and hopeful about new beginnings! It seems a new year always goes hand in hand with goals and resolutions, but why do we so often wait for the calendar to flip over before we make life changes?

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