Experiences of Players and Coaches in Australian Sport - Survey from the University of Newcastle


Posted: Mon, 27th Jul 2020

Give everyone a fair go: A web survey on the experiences of players and coaches in competitive Australian sport

Even though the number of females participating in sport as players and coaches has increased over the last few years (e.g., SOCCER), there is some evidence to show that males and females have very different experiences, feelings and obstacles in playing or
coaching sport. We are inviting you to participate in a study to compare male and female coaches’ and players’/athletes’ experiences in sport. This study conducted by the honours students Nadia Hermas and Christopher Hale under the supervision of Drs Heather Douglas
and Kotryna Fraser from the University of Newcastle, Australia. The research aligns with government policies and the International Olympic Committee’s guidelines for enhancing the opportunities for both male and female coaches and players
who are passionate about sport.

The research includes a 15-minute online survey for you to complete.

For more information, including researchers’ contact details, and to access the web survey, please visit: 

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