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Posted: Wed, 25th Mar 2020

So, sport has stopped in the short term. What does this mean for clubs?

So, sport has stopped in the short term. What does this mean for clubs?

People are being asked, and potentially compelled to stay at home.

Believe it or not, this is a huge opportunity for clubs and volunteers. With no sport to take our focus, energies and time, the world today provides clubs a rare opportunity to truly think about the future and plan how they will get there.

This break also gives clubs the opportunity to invest in and train their volunteers, especially those key club leaders including Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and committee members as well as the next generation of committee members.

Webinars are PERFECT in a time of social distancing!

Webinars are a great way of learning; they ease the boredom of being at home and are perfect way of staying connected in a time of social isolation.

Sports Community have added HEAPS of webinars to our schedule and each has been significantly revised to make them completely relevant to today’s strange new world.

Make sure you share this email with your committee and club volunteers! Click below to register all our FREE upcoming webinar series!

What committees can be doing today and into the future? 25/3 7pm, or 26/3 12pm

Strategic Planning during social isolation 31/3 7pm, or 1/4 1.30pm

Facility redevelopment: Getting your club ready 1/4 7pm or 3/4 1.30pm

Facebook Livestream Q+A every day at 11.00am answering your questions

Every day at 11.00am AEST we hold a Facebook Livestream Q+A session. These sessions are for you to ask any question that relates to your club so please send me your questions via reply email, at or via the Sports Community Facebook page.

If you do not follow the Sports Community Facebook Page I encourage you to do so now (Join Sports Community on FB) so you can join this amazing community!

Yours sincerely,

Steve Pallas

Chief Executive Officer

Sports Community

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