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Posted: Tue, 18th Aug 2020

Important update for community sport that affects Club, Zone and State level sport

Please see below from the Office of Sport and Dr Kerry Chant and attached information from Sport NSW, regarding non-essential travel within the state and its impact on community sport.

As per Dr Chants recommendations the PCA NSW State Executive will conduct a full review on the viability of this years State Championships and confirm the outcome as soon as possible via a separate communication. However at this it is highly likely that all 2020 State Championships may be cancelled, not just those in to be held in the next six to eight weeks. As per the recommendations club activities may still go ahead under certain conditions as long as clubs have up to date Covid Safety Plans and complete a risk assessment for each activity to determine the risk to attendees regarding these recommendations.

PCA NSW recommends that in addition to all Covid Safe Practices including staying home if you are unwell, restriction of participants from affected areas, social distancing and good hygiene attendees that attendees wear face masks when not riding, this includes all spectators and volunteers on the grounds. Clubs must cease any activities that result in overnight stays (camps) due to increased risk of COVID transmission with shared facilities.

Ceasing of zone, regional or state championships or competitions for the next six weeks as these activities bring together participants including spectators and officials from different regions of the state. Riders who have nominated for the immediately affected State Championships will receive full refunds and nominations for further championships have been suspended until a risk assessment is completed by the State Executive for the balance of the years activities.

Zones hosting Regional Schools, Instructor Schools and Assessments must review their Covid Safety Plans and risk assessments to determine the viability of the activity under these recommendations. As these activities have limits on attendees and do not include overnight stays/camping for participants they may go ahead with extra Covid precautions to be taken, including the wearing of face masks by all attendees when not riding.

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New recommendations for community sport from nsw health

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