National Volunteers Week


Posted: Thu, 20th May 2021

Nominate a deserving volunteer for the Order of Australia this National Volunteers week!

At the beginning of National Volunteers Week, the Governor-General has sent a message of thanks to Australia’s six million volunteers.

In the message, available on Facebook and YouTube or to download, the Governor-General says:

“Volunteering takes many forms and volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds."

“Together, you help strengthen our community in just about every way imaginable."

“We are grateful. We appreciate you…"

“To all those who volunteer, thank you."

"Chances are you don’t volunteer for recognition or thanks – but you deserve both and National Volunteer Week is our opportunity to offer it to you.”

Nominating someone for recognition through Order of Australia is one way to celebrate the most committed of volunteers. Many outstanding Australians are already recognised each year for their work in the community but there are many who are not - women, in particular, have been historically underrepresented in nominations (and therefore, awards).

The Governor-General and Mrs Hurley are seeking to address this and ensure that the Order reflects Australian society - they need your help.

To find out how to nominate someone go to

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