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Posted: Wed, 16th Sep 2020

A Transported Stock Statement (TSS) is a form which records the movement of a horse/s from one property to another. A TSS is a requirement of the Local Land Services Act 2013 and Local Land Services Regulation 2014 for the purposes of tracing horse movements for biosecurity purposes.

The Transported Stock Statement (TSS) system was introduced in 1990 partly to assist NSW Police to trace stolen stock.

The TSS scheme is provided for in Part 9 of the Local Land Services Act 2013 and Part 8 of the Local Land Services Regulation 2014.


When horses are transported into and around NSW it is a legal requirement for the person moving horses to carry a TSS unless the horses fall under one of these exemptions:

• horses transported to or from an agricultural show, gymkhana, exhibition, pony club meeting, or similar function conducted by an incorporated club, entity or association.

• racehorses or harness racing horses, or

• working horses being moved to or from any place for work, or

• horses being moved under a stock permit issued under the Local Land Services Act 2013, or

• horses being moved under a control order, emergency order, biosecurity direction, permit issued, or a biosecurity zone established under the Biosecurity Act 2015, or

• horses being transported from interstate and travel within NSW up to 30 km before proceeding back into the other state or territory as part of an unbroken journey, or

• horses being transported across or along a road from one part of a property to another which would be adjoining except for being separated by the road, or

• horses being transported to a place for treatment by a veterinary practitioner.


If you are attending an event such as an agricultural show, gymkhana or similar function, as described above, it is advisable to have proof of the event with you to claim the TSS exemption.


A Horse Specific TSS form has been created, this has no serial number so cannot be used for any other livestock except horses. 


Operation Stock Check

NSW Police launched Operation Stock Check on 4 August 2020 resulting in more monitoring of people trucking horses and other livestock around NSW. Be prepared, you are likely to be pulled over and asked by the NSW Police for a TSS for the horse you may be moving. If you do not have a TSS with you or your horse does not meet any of the above exemptions, you may be fined. 


For more information please read the document below. 

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