State Dressage Entries Closing soon


Posted: Wed, 31st Aug 2022

State Dressage Entries Closing soon 8pm this Saturday, 3rd Septmeber

Good Afternoon Riders,
Entries for the 2022 State Dressage Championships close at 8pm this Saturday, 3rd September. The event will be held on 30th September until 2nd October at Bendick Murrell, enter here via JustGo.
Any eligible* riders can enter this event and purchase merchandise, regardless if they had entered for the original dates. As the previous event has been cancelled in JustGo, refunds have been issued and no entries or merchandise orders were carried over.
Riders are permitted to enter levels on BOTH Saturday AND Sunday, but the must be consecutive levels.
Yards: There are only uncovered yards remaining and these are to be booked through the entry process on JustGo.
Event Clashes: If you wish to attend but have a clash with another event, specifically state Interschools, we will certainly be open to the option of a later arrival and Trot Up so that you may compete on the Sunday. Please discuss this with your ZCI so that they may contact us.
* Eligible riders: Riders must have completed a minimum of three (3) instructional rally days and horse and rider must be of a suitable standard for the Championship. Riders must have competed in the respective level previously with a minimum score of 58% (at any of the three tests within that level e.g for Novice championship you must have achieved the qualifying score for either 2A, 2B or 2C tests).

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