State Meetings and Championship Update


Posted: Mon, 16th Mar 2020

Updates regarding our events and COVID-19

Given the change in advice from State and Federal Authorities over the weekend the Executive of PCA NSW is actively looking at options in regard to the holding of the State Meetings next week and what will happen with the State Sporting, Campdraft and Team Penning Championship in April.

As you would all appreciate no single person on the Executive Committee or from the Office can unilaterally make a decision on how the meetings/events should or should not proceed. Added to that all of the Executive Committee are volunteers and have their own jobs and responsibilities that they have to attend to as well. They are all separated geographically throughout the state and not able to just pop into the board room and vote on the matter at a minutes notice.

While this may be frustrating for you at the moment we do ask for your patience and we promise that the situation is being taken seriously and being acted upon. Further information will be available to members, delegates and ZCI's at the earliest opportunity it is available.

Clubs and Zones should closely monitor the relevant State and Federal Authorities and incorporate information from them in their usual risk assessments for normal pony club activities and events, Equestrian activities have a greater social distance involved than most other sports and need to incorporate authorities advice for their area.

More information on COVID-19 and the risk management process can be found here on our website.

Kerren Britton

On behalf of the PCA NSW Executive

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