Virtual Rally Day: Simple Change Challenge Week 4


Posted: Tue, 19th May 2020

In the final week of the Simple Change Challenge, we are going to put the whole transition together to successfully attempt a simple change through walk.

In all disciplines of riding you need to be able to change your horses lead in canter, so everyone can join in the fun if you are confident cantering independently!

All training needs to be done in a progressive manner—This means exercises are done step by step and  you need to consolidate what you’ve learnt before moving onto the next step!

Week Four (Starting Sunday 17th May)

Canter to Walk transitions and ultimately then a walk through Simple change with 4 or less walk strides. At this end of this week on the 24th of May in conjunction with Virtual Rally #4, we want to see your finished simple changes! Here is a great YouTube tutorial on the full simple change. 

While training work on the following:-

· Your riding position

· Gentle hands and accurate timing with  the leg aids. Outside leg first then inside leg

· Upper body still and not leaning forward

· Have your horse bending and looking in the direction you are going on a circle or corner

Each week have someone video you both for your own learning, to send to your club instructor, and at the end of the challenge to send into Pony Club NSW to be eligible for a prize! Send your final edit after the 24th of May to

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Iso challenge

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